Our Firm

GSR Capital Management is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).  As an RIA, GSR Capital Management serves our clients in a fiduciary capacity, avoiding all conflicts of interest and continually operating in the best interest of our clients.  This is in contrast to the lower level of responsibility of the “suitability standard” that most financial advisors, registered reps, and insurance agents operate under.  As a fiduciary, GSR Capital Management has an ongoing responsibility to monitor our clients’ investments, as well as their changing financial situation.

As a fee-only advisor, our clients do not pay any commissions or sales charges in our advisory accounts.  Our fees are transparent, and we do not receive compensation from any third-parties. This allows us to manage our clients’ portfolios with no potential for bias or conflict of interest. We are a wealth management firm providing a wide variety of services, and recognize the importance of cost and tax-efficient investing.

We are located in northern California in the town of Redding.  We have established our firm here due to the area's natural beauty, outdoor recreation activities, and to be near family.  While our community is rural, we have a global focus and clients across the nation.