Investment Portfolio Management & Monitoring

As stewards of our clients' investment assets, we believe it is imperative that we first gain an understanding of each client's long-term investment objectives, liquidity needs, financial capacity, and risk tolerance prior to investing on behalf of the client.  Using this insight, we tailor an investment portfolio to meet each client's unique situation.  We then use our experience to construct, manage, and monitor client portfolios.

At GSR Capital Management, we employ a research-driven, global approach to investing.  Our research drives our outlook for the capital markets, which in turn determines our investment strategy.  We recognize that investment decisions driven by emotions – whether they be fear or greed – can generate disastrous results.  We view periods of market volatility as potential investment opportunities for our clients’ benefit.  We take a rational, non-emotional approach towards investing, and are especially wary of “herd-mentality” investing.

It is our goal to invest in a tax and cost-efficient manner, with a long-term perspective to achieving growth while mitigating risk.