Goal Planning & Monitoring

What clients get with GSR Capital Management is so much more than just investment management.  It is our ultimate goal to help our clients and their families achieve their financial goals, giving them the peace of mind and financial freedom to focus on the things that matter most to them.  We invest time with our clients to better understand their desires, which equips us to accomplish the job they have entrusted to our care.  We work with them to understand their personal financial objectives, and track their progress in attaining these goals.

We encourage our clients to consult with us, and to think of us as their personal CFO - one that is always ready to assist them with whatever financial decisions they face that could impact their ability to meet their long-term objectives.  These can include, but are not limited to:

  • tax-efficient saving and investment strategies
  • debt management strategies
  •  retirement income planning
  • college savings planning
  • large purchase impact analyses
  • year-end tax planning
  • estate planning

Client education is important to us, as we believe knowledge empowers our clients to take better control of their financial future.  Our Quarterly Market Update letters and Outlook Presentations are some of the tools we use to accomplish this.

Not only do we take a team approach with our clients, but we also apply that same philosophy with our clients' professional partners, such as their accountants and attorneys.